Who We Are

Founded by Joyce Sitarski more than twenty years ago, Masterworks of Oakville came to life as a community choir and orchestra striving to embody the classical traditions through some of the most challenging pieces in the Western canon. This union of vocal and instrumental ensembles and the complexity of our selected works define us as Oakvilleā€™s premier choral group.

Through the tireless efforts of Brian Isherwood, Robert Harason, and our esteemed artistic director Charles Demuynck, Masterworks established itself as a nonprofit community choir and a registered charity favoured for its spectacular Oakville musical performances.

What Defines Us


We run choir auditions to assemble a highly skilled chorus capable of performing highly technical pieces.


Our performers and conductor practice tirelessly to guarantee the quality of our music.


Coming together over a shared love of music, everything we do is fueled by our enthusiasm for the art.

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